Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: April 20th, 2019

General Users


Step 1) Select the join now button on the home page.

Step 2) Scroll down to the new users section.
Step 3) Enter your preffered email and click the register button.

Step 4) Choose a password for your account and enter.

Step 5) Choose your membership type.

Step 6) Input your name, preffered email, and choose interests by checking the boxes next to each topic. Health Interest and Engagement Interest are required entries.

Step 7) Click the submit button at the bottom.
Step 8) Click the finish button and you will be taken to your page.

Persona information is focused on providing content based on your interest, this feature is to assist members obtain information that is useful for goals and to help identify outcomes that provide knowledge. See Editing your Persona for usage. Update Persona Profile information is focused on membership data that serves our ability to contact regarding events, services, and benefits. See Editing your Profile for usage Update Profile

Step 1) Log into your user account.
Step 2) Click the update profile button.

Step 3) Click the "My Profile" button above your picture.
Step 4) Choose the option you wish to update.

Step 1) Log into your user account.
Step 2) Go to the persona information are and select update.

Step 3) Input your new information into the fields provided.



The Community Forum provides an area for members and non-members to engage in conversation with one another, on topics that are of interest Non-members have access to guest topics. and the Community forums where topics of interest can be organized into Forum Categories, and multiple Forums can exist with the ability to be moderated by an ASA or Administrator.

Step 1) Log into your user account.
Step 2) Click the Community Forum link.

The Social Community is used to unite and engage members by offering them a wide variety of networking features. With the ability to designate "connections" (similar to "friending" on Facebook™), create circles (user-created member network groups), send private messages, and view the latest happenings in the Activity Stream, with members having plenty of opportunities to connect and share information.



To Be Added

To Be Added

The Help user interface uses a simple K.I.S.S. principle: for interaction the Index in the sidebar will always bring a topic to the top of the page, where you can click the button to see the topic content. And the sidebar button at the end of each topic section will slide the Index in and out for easy navigation to other topics.